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Tech Change Forum

The Tech Change Forum is a group for PJM and its members to coordinate, consolidate and share information about upcoming changes to PJM’s tools and systems. The forum will meet regularly to discuss how PJM can help members get ready for planned changes, the design of tools’ features and their prioritization, and how and when changes will be implemented.

The forum is for individuals who work hands-on with PJM’s tools or are responsible for the technology their organization uses to work with PJM’s tools.

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Facilitator: Foluso Afelumo
Secretary: Risa Holland

During the meeting, if you are experiencing issues with connectivity or teleconference, please contact Meeting Support. For registration issues, contact PJM.

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Upcoming Changes

View upcoming changes to PJM.com, PJM's tools, the PJM Now app and various communities

Work Planning

2020 Planned Work PDF   7.22.2019
2019 Planned Work PDF 3.29.2019

Educational Recordings

Resource Tracker Refresh Demonstration II  9.28.2021
PJM Now Mobile App Demonstration  8.26.2021
Resource Tracker Refresh Demonstration  7.29.2021
Account Manager User Certification Overview   6.24.2021
Member Community Refresh Demonstration   6.4.2021
Account Manager Enhancements Overview - User and System Account Registration   1.29.2021
Emergency Procedures Enhancement - January 2021  1.11.2021
Account Manager Enhancements Overview - User Merge and User Migration   12.28.2020
Non-Retail Behind the Meter Generation Enhancements in Capacity Exchange   11.25.2020
Account Manager Enhancements Overview
Refreshed MSRS Demonstration
Membership Management Community Market Participation Form Demonstration
Authentication and Single Sign On Enhancements for PJM Tools   9.24.2020
Power Meter - How to Upload Data   8.31.2020
Gen Model Demo  8.31.2020
Capacity Exchange Transaction  8.31.2020
Capacity Exchange - Auction Sell Offer Demo   7.28.2020
Data Miner - Data Retrieval Demo   7.28.2020
Competitive Planner Demonstration   7.28.2020
Billing Line Item Transfer (BLIT) Demonstration  7.1.2020
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Demonstration  7.1.2020
Maintenance Adder & Operating Cost Submission Process
Download | Streaming 
State Net Import/Export Map (please view in Chrome)  3.30.2020
Connectbeta.pjm.com   10.30.2019
Capacity Exchange Education Session
Five-Minute Settlement 12.2017
Energy Offer Verification
Intraday Offers
Intraday Offers & Offer Cap Verification
Intraday Offers Impacts to Markets Gateway
Enhanced Security Update to Tools

Meeting Materials

 10.13.2021 - Tech Change Forum

10.12.2021 Agenda  PDF