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Competitive Planning Process
  • The PJM competitive planning process affords non-incumbent transmission developers an opportunity to participate in the regional planning and expansion of the PJM bulk electric system.
  • 2021 SAA Proposal Window
     open4.15.2021  closed8.13.2021
    2020/21 Long-Term Window 1
     open1.11.2021 closed5.11.2021
    2020 Window 1
     open7.1.2020 closed8.31.2020
    2020 Window 2
     open7.1.2020 closed7.31.2020
    2020 Window 3
     open9.18.2020 closed10.19.2020
    2020 Window 4
     open3.3.2021 closed4.2.2021
Planning News from Inside Lines
  • Artificial Island Project Nears Completion
    The first extra-high-voltage regional transmission project to be selected through PJM’s competitive solicitation process, which opened system improvement opportunities to non-incumbent developers, is on the cusp of completion. The Artificial Island Project resolves a potentially serious stability issue at the Salem and Hope Creek nuclear generating stations complex in southern New Jersey while also relieving […]
  • Interconnection Process Reform Heads to Stakeholders
    PJM and members are gearing up for a formal stakeholder process to explore potential changes in the way PJM handles new interconnection requests, with work focused on reducing the amount of time projects spend in the queue, increasing cost certainty and otherwise improving the interconnection process. PJM presented a first read of a problem statement […]
Queued Generation Fuel Mix
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96,337 MW
54,158 MW
Generation Interconnection Requests by Fuel Type
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Queues Timeline
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Active Studies
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Criteria & Guidelines