Effective Load Carrying Capability (ELCC)

As part of the process to implement the Effective Load Carrying Capability (ELCC) proposal developed by the Capacity Capability Senior Task Force (CCSTF) and endorsed by the Markets & Reliability Committee and Members Committee on Sept. 17, 2020, PJM requires generation owners of ELCC resources to provide specific information about their resources. This information is then used by PJM as input into the ELCC model.

In addition, PJM will post results and supplemental material about the ELCC process on a regular basis.

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ELCC Data Submission Templates  
Wind Templates:
Onshore | Offshore XLS
Solar Template XLS  10.30.2020
Landfill Gas Template XLS  10.30.2020
Gen+Storage Hybrids XLS 10.30.2020
Battery & Flywheel Storage XLS 10.30.2020
Run of River Hydro without Storage Template XLS   10.30.2020
Hydro with Non-Pumped Storage XLS    2.9.2021
Pumped Storage Hydro Power XLS   2.9.2021