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Transmission Ticket Notification Request for Generation Entities

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I,   on behalf of my company,

have been given permission by my company to request email notifications when Transmission Tickets are scheduled that impact generation units I own or generation units for which I have responsibility as identified under an active Declaration of Authority [DOA] in place at PJM. 

I understand that notifications may be sent when a PJM-modeled transmission outage is deemed directly or indirectly impactful to an owner’s, or DOA-responsible, transmission path(s) or station light and power sources for the given unit(s). 

I understand that the transmission outage notifications for these facilities may be deemed market sensitive; therefore, I agree that those who are members of the email group below are employees of the company I represent. I also agree that those in the email group understand their responsibility to not divulge transmission notifications to other companies or people in my organization that are not entitled to view this information. I have agreed to be bound by these facts.