PJM Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information


PJM offers a full complement of training courses and materials to keep current market participants updated on new products and processes, introduce new market participants to PJM and provide focused knowledge on specific aspects of PJM's operations. View upcoming scheduled training events on the Training Calendar.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PJM cancelled in-person classes through December 2020.

PJM is actively working to provide training hours for members to meet the training and certification requirements:

  • PJM offers a number of online courses for credit through the Learning Management System (LMS).
  • PJM has recorded portions of the seminar to be taken online through the LMS and assigned these course to operators.
  • PJM will look to host a shorter, in-person event when conditions permit, focused on the simulation portion of the Seminar.
  • PJM is hosting a number of virtual sessions on a variety of markets and operations topics. These sessions, some of which contain simulation hours, are posted below under Upcoming Training. 

For additional courses, or questions related to course availability, please contact TrainingSupport@pjm.com.


Learning Management System (LMS): A password-protected site intended to record training completed by all system operators in the PJM.
 PJM Operator Certification:  This program certifies operators who participate in real-time PJM Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) operations and interact with PJM system operators.

Upcoming Training

Econ DR Virtual 09.29.2020 09.29.2020    Open
Emer Proc Virtual 09.29.2020 09.29.2020    Open
RpOuteDart Virtual 09.29.2020 09.29.2020    Open
DSR ASM Virtual 09.30.2020 09.30.2020    Open
Ld Param Virtual 09.30.2020 09.30.2020    Open
DR-LMT-Wlk Virtual 10.01.2020 10.01.2020    Open
CFR SIL Virtual 10.05.2020 10.05.2020    Open
Dyn Res Virtual 10.05.2020 10.05.2020    Open
LMP Virtual 10.06.2020 10.06.2020    Open
System Res Virtual 10.07.2020 10.07.2020    Open
ObFnPrdCst Virtual 10.08.2020 10.08.2020    Open
BlackoutLL Virtual 10.12.2020 10.12.2020    Open
Synch Isld Virtual 10.13.2020 10.13.2020    Open
Gen ES&P Virtual 10.14.2020 10.14.2020    Open
Synch Isld Virtual 10.15.2020 10.15.2020    Open
Trns Ln Pr Virtual 10.15.2020 10.15.2020    Open
CFR SIL Virtual 10.19.2020 10.19.2020    Open
Plan-201 Virtual 10.19.2020 10.19.2020    Open
L BLI 1 Virtual 10.20.2020 10.20.2020    Open
MktEffTr Virtual 10.20.2020 10.20.2020    Open
Dyn Res Virtual 10.21.2020 10.21.2020    Open
L BLI 2 Virtual 10.22.2020 10.22.2020    Open
ARRFTR Bas Virtual 10.26.2020 10.26.2020    Open
LMP Virtual 10.28.2020 10.28.2020    Open
System Res Virtual 10.29.2020 10.29.2020    Open
BlackoutLL Virtual 11.04.2020 11.04.2020    Open