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eDART Release Notes

System Requirements

Release 4

Release Dates

Training: 9.16.2019
Production: 10.8.2019

About This Release

Based on user feedback, enhancements have been made to improve the usability of Linesout reports and auto-generated emails, as well as enhancements to improve user-friendliness and data accuracy.


  • A new RTEP file is available on the Outage Information page for outages that have an RTEP number(s), which is indicated as a "Yes" in the RTEP column in the Linesout file.
  • The auto-generated Generation Outage Cause Type emails have been consolidated, so that only one email with updated cause type information is sent per day.


  • In the IRC Company Reserve Check, columns for inapplicable zones are now hidden instead of blank.
  • D-Curve download is now available on the D-Curve Report page.


  • Voltage Schedules numeric input fields now allows users to enter values up to two decimal places.


  • Equipment Historical Change Log Report now has a hyperlinked Ticket ID that will take users to the revision screen for the linked ticket; Congestion Management Priority has been added as a status; and the Back to Report button properly returns the user to the report.
  • When searching for TERM tickets, if Ticket ID or Company Ticket ID are entered, all other filters are ignored.
  • The R, X, B Ticket company comment field can be edited if the ticket is in Submitted or Awaiting Build statuses.
  • Ratings download is now available on the Effective Ratings Report page.

Network Model

  • Network Model/Cut-In Ticket Report now allows search by Ticket ID and a wildcard search by Station.
  • Equipment Type/Field Report now available.

Retired Downloads

  • Tariff Equipment Details download
  • SSR, SSR by Date, ERL downloads
  • Status Report download
  • Restoration Plan download

Retired Uploads

  • On Cost Max Emerg

eDART Release 4 User Group Presentation PDF