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Account Manager Release Notes

System Requirements

Release 1.6.10

Release Dates

Training: 12.9.2020
Production: 12.21.2020

Existing Feature Improvements

CAM Enhancements

  1. Merger User - This feature allows company CAMS to convert the users they manage with multiple accounts to a Single User Multiple Account user with only one user name and password to manage.
  2. Migrate User- This feature will allow company CAMS to migrate a user’s profile to the main company account the user is associated. This feature is in preparation for an initiative next year where PJM will be requiring that users specify their relationship to a main company account in Account Manager.

User Guide PDF

Previous Releases

Release 1.6.9

Release Date
Training: 12.2.2020
Production: 12.19.2020

About This Release
Maintenance Release

Release 1.6.8

Release Date
Training: 10.22.2020
Production: 11.11.2020

CAM Enhancements

  • User Search - User Interface Page Modification
    • Incorporated lock icon in first column to visually indicate account is locked. This is not intended to be clickable.
    • Edit action icon moved to linking name
    • Last name and first name columns combined to Name
    • Company long name and short name columns combined to Company column with short name in brackets
    • Phone number column removed
    • Account Type column added to remove 4 columns and show the fields below. This column would have multi-select filtering, which isn’t mocked up yet.
  • A CAM can now reset password for more than one user
  • Multi-select to add tool access to more than one user account
  • The CAMs will now be able to approve all access requests for a user at one time rather than have to do each access request one by one
  • A CAM can now terminate a SUMA User's accesses at the Account level

User General

  • Updated error message to advise the user should contact their company CAM

User Profile

  • Reset Criteria-Only 4 characters are now required for password reset answers ( used to be 5)


  • CAM can select more than one account for which they are a CAM to add a whitelist rather than having to do it one at a time.
  • Rather than type ahead on Company Search field, this is now a drop down field.