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Behind the Meter Generation Business Rules on Status Changes

With the increased development of distributed energy resources and increased LSE requests for adjustments to Network Service Peak Load (NSPL) and Obligation Peak Load (OPL) for new BTMG, PJM has identified the need to review and propose updates, as necessary, to the existing BTMG business rules related to a BTMG unit changing status from BTMG (netting against the load) to a resource participating in PJM Markets (and vice versa) to ensure requirements are clear, adequately detailed, and do not conflict with other market business rules or other deadline dates in the BTMG business rules.

Issue Details

Strategic Focus Area: Markets
Issue Status: Emerging
Stakeholder Body: Market Implementation Committee
Stakeholder Process Status: Approved
Issue Catalyst: PJM
Date Created: 10.7.2020
MC Approval Date:
Target Completion Date: 3.31.2021
Actual Completion Date:
FERC Filing(s): Yes
Agreement Change(s):
Manual Change(s): No
MC Annual Plan: 2020
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