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Rules Related to Market Suspension

In the event of a market suspension for which market results and clearing prices cannot be determined, there are currently limited business rules regarding how tot administer settlements and other PJM processes. This initiative will identify opportunities to develop enhanced business rules applicable during a market suspension.
This work will occur in two phases. Phase one will define and examine market suspension in general, and the associated impacts on settlements. Phase two will identify other necessary changes to PJM business rules in the event of a market suspension.

Issue Details

Strategic Focus Area: Markets
Issue Status: Emerging
Stakeholder Body: Market Implementation Committee
Stakeholder Process Status: Approved
Issue Catalyst: PJM
Date Created: 9.2.2020
MC Approval Date:
Target Completion Date: 12.31.2020
Actual Completion Date:
FERC Filing(s): TBD
Agreement Change(s):
Manual Change(s): No
MC Annual Plan: 2020