Committees & Groups

Budget Process & Finance Committee Recommendations

As outlined in the Finance Committee Work Plan, PJM presents preliminary expense and capital budgets to the committee each August for the upcoming calendar year. PJM addresses the committee’s questions and revises the budgets as needed to present to the Finance Committee as the proposed budgets in September.

Following the August and September Finance Committee meetings, the committee’s member representatives write recommendations to the PJM Board about the proposed expense and capital budgets for the upcoming year. Section 7.5.2 of the Operating Agreement WEB | PDF requires that the PJM Board consider the proposed expense and capital budgets and Finance Committee’s recommendations no later than October 31 each year.

Recommendation Letters

2019 PDF   12.3.2018
2018 PDF   12.3.2018
2017 PDF 1.9.2017
2016 PDF  1.9.2017
2015 PDF